Skin Care: Wash Your Face Nightly!

Skin Care Tips with Stacey

Why is it so important to wash your face every night? Stacey Lohmar, Grand’s Skin Care Expert, reminds us of all the debris that piles up on our faces (and in our pores) throughout the day – from pollution to sweat to dirt – with makeup acting like a magnet. She also reviews some of her favorite cleansers and the most effective ingredients for particular skin types and conditions. Contact Grand for a free skin consultation with Stacey.

Read the full transcript here:

Hi, I’m Stacey, I’m the aesthetician at Grand Salon, and I’m going to be telling you why it is extremely important to wash your face nightly. You want to make sure to wash your face nightly because you are going to be removing makeup, the dirt, the pollution, sweat, anything, debris, that has been accumulated throughout your day gets set on your face. So, by removing that you are helping premature aging, you’re going to clean out the pores. Makeup can kind of act like a magnet, and it really attracts everything to the face. So, while your sleeping our body wants to heal and purge, and it can’t really let out those toxins and things like that when it’s covered in makeup.

Also, by not washing your face, what can happen is constantly not washing your face can open up the pores and kind of stretch them out because things just keep getting stuck in them. So wash your face nightly because you’re going to have better hydration, you’re gonna have less fine lines and wrinkles, you’re not gonna be dehydrated and dry, you’re skin is gonna look glowing and smooth. When you wash your face, you want to make sure you have a cleanser that is geared towards your skin type or condition. If you have more acneic, you want to use something salicylic-based, benzoyl peroxide. Also, using nice moisturizers to counterbalance so you don’t over dry. If you want brightening, you can you a lactic cleanser. A glycolic cleanser is very nice for exfoliation. Those are alpha hydroxy acids. Those can be more of your night time treatments, and in the morning you can kind of just wake up and refresh the skin with more of a cream-based hydrating cleanser. If you are unsure of what your skin type is or what cleanser you should be using you can come in for a consultation, and we can get in the room, look at your skin, and make sure we get you the right cleanser.