Thanksgiving Updo

Thanksgiving Plans?  If you’re looking for an updo that’s equally at home in the backyard playing corn-hole and deep frying a Turkducken…as it is with champaign toasts and feasting with your in-laws…and even throwing down at Walmart on Black Friday Eve like real-life Fortnite, then Cat Dufurio & Elizabeth Burgess have you covered like brown sugar on sweet potatoes.

Check out this quick & easy step-by-step tutorial for a Holiday Messy Updo

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday!

Step 1: Start with your hair down, with some body and wave added to it

Step 2: Part your hair in three sections (or however many you want) and put into pony tails

Step 3: Spray in your favorite texturizer into each pony. (Our favorite is Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom Hair 

Step 4: Grab small sections pushing a few hairs in an upward motion to hand tease the hair

Step 5: Once hair is hand teased, apply a second rubber band to the ends of the hair

Step 6: Twist each pony to start pinning up

Step 7: Pin each pony up into a messy bun. Keeping them close together so they look like one. Set with either straight pins or bobby pins.

Step 8: Spray with hairspray to set any flyaway hairs.