Holiday Hair Tutorial

Holiday Hair Styling Tutorial with Laura

Laura Taylor shows us how to put a twist on your Holiday Hair. Whether it’s a casual Christmas Eve or a formal New Year’s, this is a beautiful and easy updo (or ponytail) to dress up your hair for the holiday season.

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Hello, I’m here with Grand Salon. Today I’m gonna show you some simple tricks on how to pin up your hair.

Today I’m gonna show you how to dress up your ponytail for the holiday season. It’s really easy to achieve in three simple steps. I have pre-curled my hair to get some good movement in it with a one-inch curling iron. The first section is gonna be right above your ears. I’m gonna take a little bit of this top part just to create a little bit more volume. I’ve already put some powder in there from Kevin Murphy called the Powder Puff for a thickening agent.

Take your section, and you can use a brush, I’m using my hands to smooth out this top part because that’s what works best for me. And when you go to pin this, take your piece of hair and twist it. As I twist, I pushed up. Take your bobby pin, and secure that. It’s good to kinda cross them, you get more hold. Before you move on to the next step, you wanna make sure this piece looks how you’d like it. I always bring my bangs down a little bit, that adds softness around your face.

Your next section is gonna be the midsection. So, you’re keeping out your bottom section, your third section. Split it down the middle. Being that I’ve already pre-curled my hair when I wrap these two sections, they kinda already go into motion. Here I’m gonna pin this section. I’ve chosen bobby pins that are as close to my hair color as I can find them.

Take your next section. That one wasn’t tight enough, so I’m gonna take another pin and cross over. I can feel this piece is kinda coming up, so I’m gonna take something what’s called a hair pin, and pin that down. Cross over my other section, and then take a look before I move on to my next section.

Now I’m gonna choose what side do I want my ponytail to go to? I usually like to take my ponytail to the side of where my bangs are. Since I have little hair left here, I could make this a ponytail, but instead I’m gonna twist it, and bring it off to the side. The foundation of these updos are always bringing into three sections, the back, the front, and the sides.

I’m gonna go through and polish it with my Kevin Murphy Session Spray, which is gonna set my look for the rest of the night, so I don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. And that’s your holiday hair ponytail.