Hair Extensions Tutorial, featuring Stephanie Jordan

Hair extensions tutorial

Stephanie Jordan shares her insights for clip in hair extensions in this new hair styling tutorial.


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Hi, I’m Stephanie from Grand Salon, and today I will be showing you guys how to put your extensions in. Clip ins are a little bit more difficult. This is a way to put them in very naturally and properly as well. So let’s just get started.

I have a single left extension which means there is only one row of clips. I have prepped my hair with a styling lotion. This kinda gives you a more natural looking curl it also helps because you can run your fingers through it which makes the extensions easier to adjust to your hair.

First I’m gonna be starting off by sectioning. My first section is gonna be right by my eyebrows. I’m gonna go directly back. And I’m going to tie this up. It’s easier to have clean sections so that way you can map out a little bit easier. I am gonna make sure that I have them going in a straight line so that way we have the correct balance.

I’m gonna start by my three-clip extension. What I’m going to do is start a little bit behind my ear. I always like to section this part out so that way when you go to put your hair up, you can hide the clip a little bit easier. I’m gonna start by using my clip. I’m gonna push it up and then down and then clip it. Up-down clip. And then I’m just gonna go all the way round my head following this line, up-down clip. I have my first row in. Now I’m going to go to the other side.

This is gonna be the second three-row clip. Same thing, I’m gonna make sure that I section out that front piece. Same thing, up-down clip, up-down clip. This is where it can get a little tricky. Don’t worry about this. All you wanna make sure is that you have a complete row.

So I’m literally putting this right on top of the other extension. I’m gonna check for balance, and then I’m gonna go to my third three-row clip.This one I’m going to put directly on top. So I’m gonna go in the middle of my head, up-down clip, and this side, up-down clip. This is gonna make a full perimeter.

You wanna make sure that you have the majority of your extensions on that first row, that way you don’t see anything below, you don’t see your hair line, you have a nice full look. I am going to grab my second extension. This is gonna be my four-row clip. This one is gonna be a little bit longer. It still has that fullness, so I’m gonna put it directly on top of the row I just did. Instead of putting it on to the extensions, I’m gonna be putting it right above the extensions.

I’m gonna take my two clips in the middle, find the middle of my head and stick it right above those, one on this side, one on this side. Again checking for symmetry, making sure nothing goes in front of my ear.

As you can see, now my natural is right here and here’s my extension. The way that we put it on kinda hides the underneath, this is why you want the fullness towards the bottom.

Next, I’m gonna take my hair down, and I’m gonna see, people with thinner hair this might be enough for you. For myself, I like to add a little bit more fullness. So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna go about half an inch to an inch above my eyebrows. Same thing like I did for my first sectioning. And I’m going directly back. I’m going to tie my hair up and clip. I’m gonna take my last piece of extensions. This is the four-row clip again this is gonna go in the same spot that we have our top extension. We’re gonna mirror that. I’m gonna put it directly in back, make sure that I have it in the center of my head. Same thing, I’m gonna go up-down clip. Now that I have that in, I’m gonna bring that section forward.

Now that my extensions are in, I’m going to put the rest of my hair down, and I’m gonna brush. I use this wet brush. The bristles are a little bit more flexible so that way we can guide over those clips without taking them out.

Once I have my hair all the way brushed, you can see that my extensions just flow. And I don’t see where my natural hair is to where my extensions are. Another thing I like to do to blend my extensions is, take my wet brush, and I’m gonna grab a little section, and you can back comb. This is gonna create volume.

Next, I’m going to show you how to put your hair up in a ponytail with extensions. This is just an easy way to put it up without your cap showing. I’m gonna start by just brushing my extensions making sure everything looks clean. I’m gonna start off by putting my hair a little bit lower, that way the clips don’t come up and push against your head, that’s gonna hurt.

I’m gonna kinda move my way up my hair getting the desired volume that I want. So, once I have it in the spot that I want it, I’m just going to elastic my hair.

Your extensions sit right about here if done properly, so your ponytail can be right below or on top. If you get above those rows, that’s when the clips are gonna be digging in your head. And I’m just gonna keep tightening and looking to make sure that I have the desired result.

As you can see, you cannot tell that I have extensions in. And I like it I think this is perfect. And then I’m just gonna take it out just to show you that your hair still can be full and nobody is ever gonna know that you wear your extensions.


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