Facials: Importance & Benefits

Denver Facials Tutorial

Grand Salon’s resident esthetician Stacey Lohmar highlights the benefits of regular facials. From a deeper clean of your pores, to increased collagen and improved hydration, regular skin services can greatly improve your skin’s health.

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Hi, I’m Stacey. I’m the esthetician at Grand Salon, and I’m going to tell you about the importance of getting facials and skin services. These things are really going to help your skin in the future. It’s going to help with aging, it’s going to help with hydration. Within a facial, you are getting a deeper clean, so all those pores can really get cleaned out. It can be very relaxing while also deep cleaning the skin.

It’s gonna help with circulation of the blood, it’s going to help boost collagen. You’re gonna come in the room, you’ll get a consultation with your esthetician. You will disrobe, kinda get under the covers, and then she will come in. You’re gonna usually get a cleanse, most likely an enzymatic mask with steam, which is gonna help break up that dead skin so we can get better extractions, better cleaning. A facial massage that’s really going to help stimulate circulation and collagen production, and lots of nice finishing products, and of course, always, sunscreen at the end.

Facial’s usually about an hour, so if you are kinda lacking in the time department, you can definitely come in for an express facial. It’s just gonna kinda cut down what a full facial’s gonna do, but you’re still gonna get a very good, deep clean, and lots of the benefits from that service as well.

You probably want to do every four to six weeks for your facials, microderm, chemical peels. The amount of time it takes for our cells at the bottom layer of the epidermis to go through all the layers to the top takes about 28 days. As we age, that time slows down. So, it’s important to kinda go in every four to six weeks to keep the skin moving and exfoliated, while also utilizing the products you have at home.