Elegant Upstyle Tutorial ft. Stephanie Michelle Jordan

Updo Hair Tutorial

Stephanie Michelle Jordan of Grand Salon shows off a lovely Upstyle that’s perfect for Proms, Weddings, Derby Day, Garden Parties and everything else on your fancy summer event schedule.

Read the full transcript here:

Hi, guys, I’m Stephanie from Grand Salon, and today, I will be showing you guys how to do this lovely upstyle on yourself, so let’s get started. So your first step is going to be prepping your hair. I have prepped my hair with styling lotion. It just gives me a nice, big, messy curl. We’re gonna want it very loose, a little bit more natural looking. Right now, I’m just gonna brush through it and make sure everything is untangled. I’m gonna take a couple bobby pins. I’ve also prepped my hair by teasing it a little bit.

I am going to be putting my hair in a half updo and I’m gonna get my desired volume from the beginning. And right now, I’m just picking out the pieces that I want to be pulled up a little bit. Once I have the desired shape that I’m going for, I am going to take my bobby pin, I’m going to open it slightly with my finger. What I’m gonna be doing is making an X. So I’m going to put my first bobby pin on the side, opening it up, and sliding it forward. I’m holding that bobby pin with my other finger to hold it into place. I’m gonna take my next bobby pin and make that X. This is gonna secure the hair a lot easier.

Now, I’m gonna go towards the middle and I’m gonna be doing the same thing. Opening up my bobby pin, placing it in, holding it with my finger, taking my next bobby pin, and making an X. Always keep in mind to make sure that your volume and that your height is exactly how you want it before moving on. I am going to put my last X in. Opening up my bobby pin, sliding it in, holding it with my finger, taking my second bobby pin, and I’m making an X.

Once I have that, I am going to be pulling a couple of pieces out for framing my face. Next, what I’m gonna to do, this gets a little bit complicated, so what I want you to do is take your bobby pin, don’t open it up fully. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna twist the hair from the bottom, go up, and then push down. I’m gonna start with my sides, so I’m gonna section those out. I’m gonna take a little piece. I’m gonna start from the bottom and just twist up and down. I’m gonna be doing this all the way around the head, leaving out a couple of pieces that we can detail later. Taking it, twisting it up, and pushing it down. You’re gonna go all the way around until your hair is fully up. So I’m gonna take my bobby pin. Now with this, since this is going to fall, I’m just gonna take my bobby pin and secure it right in the middle.

Now, since this side is just a little bit bigger, I’m gonna take my bobby pin and stick it straight in. Take your bobby pin again, bring it around, twisting it up and pushing it down. Now you’re gonna feel, if you have any loose parts, anything that you need to kind of adjust, which, with my hair right now, I’m feeling it right in the center. So, again, I’m gonna take my bobby pin, not opening it up, and just sticking it straight in.

On this side too, I’m continuing to pull pieces out to make it look a little bit more romantic. This side, I might put a little bobby pin here to keep everything symmetrical. This, I am gonna open up my bobby pin and stick it right in. You’re gonna make sure that you have no pieces falling in the back, so this spot, and right here I’m just gonna clamp together with a bobby pin. I’m opening up my bobby pin and allowing for those two pieces to come together. Now that we have the back secured, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna pull a couple of pieces out. I always take my bangs or my face framing, and then I take a little piece from the bottom of my ear and pull that out. And then once I have those pieces out, I’m gonna take the same curling iron that I curled my hair with and I’m gonna curl these pieces going back. This just makes it look a little bit more elegant. And again, taking these pieces, curling them back.

I like everything, again, to be a little bit more messy, so what you can do is take your fingers and just pull some of those fly-aways out. Another thing to keep in mind is if you want to see your updo from the back, you’re gonna want to pull some of these pieces forward. For me, I don’t like to see a lot of them coming from the back, so I’m gonna pinch these two together, put my bobby pin in there, and just secure it to my head. So now that my hair is exactly how I want it, what you can do is finish off with a hair spray and maybe put a couple jewelry pieces in your hair. Just make it look how you want it to do. So I hope you guys like it and have fun, enjoy and enjoy the style.