DIY Tutorial: Styling with Extensions by Cat Defurio & Marin Johnson

Grand’s Cat Defurio & Marin Johnson step us through styling techniques and product recommendations for extensions.

Step 1: Wash and blow dry your hair.

Step 2: Section out a mohawk.

Step 3: Make sure you leave enough hair out on the sides to cover up the extension.

Step 4: After your hair is sectioned, begin braiding it until you reach the round of your head.

Step 5: After section is braided, tie off the remaining hair with a hair tie.

Step 6: Starting at the bottom of the braid, pull the hair braid strand by braid strand to loosen the braid.


Step 7: Continue to do so until you reach the hairline. Do this so you can hide the extension that’s showing in the braid on the top of your head.


Step 8: Use a texturing spray or a dry shampoo on the pony tail at the end of the braid. Give Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair a try!


Step 9: Using a comb, tease the pony tail a couple of times to make it more full.

Step 10: Bunch the teased hair together to make a bun and use a few bobby pins to hold the bun in place.

Step 11: Section out the top half of the hair and clip it out of the way


Step 12: Grab an inch section of the hair and spray with a holding spray  (Spray á Porter by Kérastase is a great option).


Step 13: Using a curling iron, curl your hair leaving an inch out at the bottom of the iron.

Step 14: Continue curling all the way around the head until every piece is curled.

Step 15: Once finished, spray with your favorite hairspray then loosen curls with your fingers or wide toothed comb.