DIY Braided Updo with Hair Sewing

DIY Braided Updo Tutorial

Our jet-setting model Meagan is one of those women who move effortlessly between the Red Carpet with husband, Red Rocks with friends and Red Robin with her young children (yes…all in the same day). She’s an inspiration and worthy of a hairstyle that’s up to the disparate demands of her active lifestyle.

Introducing the Braided Updo. In our latest tutorial video, Grand’s owner Shelly Rewinkle (herself, a master of work & play & family) demonstrates a hairsewing-anchor technique and the versatility of this elegantly-casual and casually-elegant updo.


Read the full transcript below:

I’m Shelly Rewinkle with Grand Salon. This is my model, Megan, who has requested to learn how to do a braided updo using a sewing technique.

So first off, Megan, what we’re gonna do is we’ve already pre-set her hair with some curls. I always suggest pre-curling or setting your hair, putting some soft waves in it. It’s always to going to be much easier to manipulate if you’ve got a little bit of wave in it. We’re gonna check the front, decide how you want the front to look. We’re gonna pull this off to the side, so it’s gonna be easier for her to manipulate if she’s doing it on herself. We’re gonna take just a couple of rubber bands, secure her hair where we want it, take a look. Gonna take a little bit of the Cityswept from Bumble and Bumble, so it’s gonna give us a little bit of hold, some shine, and just some separation right here.

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Next thing you’re gonna do, is you’re gonna take your ponytail and just braid it. This will allow you to put it up much easier, the tighter the braid, the nicer the updo is going to look. The messier the braid, it’s gonna be a little bit more casual. You can pull out some pieces if you’d like. We’re now gonna take the Spray de Mode from Bumble and Bumble. We’re just gonna spray this braid, it’s gonna help keep it together while we do our updo.

All right, this will be the easiest part. We’re going to take a hair sewing needle, a long piece of thread about the length of your arm’s width. I like to add a little loop at the very end of it. So you’re just gonna take it, loop it, you’re gonna go inside at the top of your braid, on top of the first elastic, and you’re going to pinch a section of hair down by your scalp. This is where your braid is gonna be anchored. Just gonna loop this through the end and now, you’ve got a nice, nice strong anchor inside your hair.

Then you’re gonna take your needle, you’re gonna go down through the first elastic, weave it through the braid, come down, pick up your bottom elastic, pull it all the way through. Now you’re gonna go back up 3D elastic, weave it through the braid, back through the top elastic. When you’re through the top elastic, you’re just going to pull it tight. This is gonna pull your updo all the way to the side.

You’re just gonna take a look at it and decide where you want it to sit, if you want it to sit forward, if you want it to sit back a little ways. It’s just gonna be up to you and then you’re just going to begin sewing all the way through the braid again. Weave it through in and out, grab some of the hair from the base of your head, it’s where your structure is going to come through. Keep ahold of the main body of the tail and just keep weaving back and forth, back and forth.

You’re gonna go back and forth through this entire mass of hair three or four times while holding onto the braid. If you want your updo to be centered at the base of your neck, that’s where your ponytail is gonna be anchored, you want it off to the opposite side, just switch it.

You’re gonna look at yourself in the mirror, decide if it’s centered, take a look from the front and the back. Once you like it, just weave it back in a few more times for good measures, give yourself a couple of loops anywhere in the braid just to tie it off, and there you have a very easy updo that you can either wear to a very nice function or to Bernie [SP] Man.

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