DIY Bang Trim

DIY Bang Trim Tutorial

Grand Salon’s Shelly Rewinkle takes the anxiety out of cutting your own bangs. Straight across or off to the side? — Don’t worry! With Shelly’s crash-course in pie shapes, you have an easy and simple way to give yourself a new look or just the extra confidence to take care of your in-home maintenance trim.

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Hi, my name is Shelly, I’m with Grand Salon. And in this segment, you’ll learn how to trim your own bangs. I’m gonna show you a couple different ways you can do it. They’re all gonna start off with a basic pie shape. So, you’re gonna start, create a pie shape. The deeper and wider your pie shape is, will determine the amount of bangs you have.

If I start right here, I’m gonna take the pie shape to each side of my recession. If I wanted straight-across bangs, I’m gonna take all of my bangs into the center, pinch them together, and cut here. If I wanted bangs to slide off to the side, take all of my bangs, gather them over one eye, cut. The hair that has to travel the furthest ends up falling to be the longest.

If you want your bangs to be cut centered and have longer on each side, then you’re going to take this little pinch of hair and bring it together as close as you can. This way, you’re only cutting a small section of hair, and you don’t have to try to cut three to four inches of hair across.

For this, I’m going to show you a side-swept bang first. Bring it over my left eye. Shortest part of my bang is gonna be over my left eye, the longest part of my bang is going to be off to the side. At this point, whatever you do, do not go like this. If you go like this, determine the length of your bangs and cut, when you relax your forehead, you’re going to have very, very short bangs.

Determine the length of your bangs, and cut. This way, you’ve got a nice, side-swept bang, longer off to the side. If you wanna go a little bit more, I’m gonna center them now. I’m gonna take my parting back further. I want a very strong set of bangs. I’m gonna create my pie shape. I’ve taken my pie shape back further, I’ve widened the shape as well.

I’m gonna bring them all to the center, determine my length, and cut. Very, very, very simple, easy way to cut bangs. If you find that you’ve got a tiny little piece that doesn’t match, at this point, it’s very easy just to take scissors and clean that up. There.