Eyebrows (on Fleek!) Tutorial

Grand Salon’s April Guerra walks us through her brow routine, with guidelines for blending color, creating arch and the best brush techniques for perfectly groomed, filled and shaped eyebrows.

Read the full transcript here:

Hi. I’m April with Grand Salon, and I’m here today to help you make your eyebrows on fleek.

I’m gonna use the handle portion of my brush to measure out what I think will be a great shape for my eyebrows. I’m gonna use the corner of my nose here, and the center of my eye here, and I’m gonna measure from here to here. And that’s about where you want your eyebrow to start. I’m gonna use the same corner of my nose, and go over the pupil of my eye. And that’s where you want your arch to be. And then, on the same corner of your nose to the end of my eye, and that’s about where you want your eyebrow to stop. So those are the guidelines that I’m gonna go by today, and let’s start filling them in.

I’m gonna load the brush by just going two quick jaunts down with the angled brush. And then I’m gonna start on my eyebrow on the weakest section, as you can see right here, following that line, guideline, from my eye up, I’m just gonna use a quick stroke upward, which reenacts the shape of a hair more so than a solid filling, which we’ll get to later. I’m gonna reload my brush, then will go to the second lightest spot on my eyebrow, and fill that in. Now, I have a little bit of color left on my brush, and I’m gonna use an upward stroke where you press in, and lift up to give more coverage, and less of a straight line. Then, when I’m patting it and stroking sideways, that’s going to connect all of those colors together. Then, I’m gonna work across the top to kind of fill in these light blonde hairs here, then just slightly across the top there.

And then, for this filling technique, I’m going to hold the brush lengthwise, and do another quick jaunt down, so you have more color on one side of the brush. Then, I’m gonna use the heel point right here to create that top arch part, and I’m just gonna pull down. Now, that helps me guide a very light spot on my eyebrow into the nice perfect arch that I like. I’m going to follow all the way down till the point I’m guessing… Remember this measurement, about there. And now, I’m just gonna detail the little hairs that are blonde, and make sure to get powder on those. Give a look both sides, and then, just do little fine detail work until I feel good about it.

Now, I’m gonna move on to the next eyebrow. Same loading procedure, two quick shots down, then I’m gonna go to the lightest section of this eyebrow, which is different than the other eyebrow, and that’s totally normal. I’m using those more straight jaunts up and down to create more hair-looking color, and then using the remainder of the color on the brush, just to gradually slowly color those blonde hairs. One of these sideways to help me create the angle here, and I’ll go straight down, and I’m just gonna follow that down over the hair down to the point where I think it should stop, and then use the edge of the brush to color these little blondies, and fill in the thickness there.

Now, looking for balance, you’re gonna use the mirror that’s farther away, so that you can really see if the density and color is good, as well as the overall shape. I’m noticing this one’s a little bit loose down at the bottom. This one just needs a little bit more filled in there, softening, really. Now, those are looking good. Last, you’re gonna use your clean mascara wand, and you’re gonna just give it a quick brush, which helps blend all these together, and make it not look so harsh, like you paint the dry brows on.