Winter Product Recommendations

Grand’s Stylists and Estheticians share their winter product recommendations to keep your Hair & Skin beautiful, healthy and moisturized.

Your hair and skin are better cared for at home when you have great products. At Grand, our Salon and MedSpa carry some of the world’s best Hair & Skin product lines – lines we’ve picked because their quality, performance and company-culture resonate with our own.

With the change of seasons, our hair and skin can have a change of needs.  For our Winter Edition of Employee Picks, we’ve tapped the experts in our salon and spa for recommendations on shampoos, conditioners, everyday sunscreens, moisturizers and more that are ideal for our high & dry Colorado winters.  

Check out these winter product recommendations from the experts in our salon and MedSpa and let us know your own tips & tricks and favorite products for keeping your hair & skin moisturized, healthy and looking beautiful through the winter season.

Staff Winter Product Recommendations:



JESSICA G: Elixir Ultime L’huile Originale (Kérastase)

My go-to hair oil is Elixir Ultime from Kérastase. It nourishes, it’s a heat protectant and it strengthens my hair. I love to use it as a leave-in after I’ve towel dried my hair as well as applying it after I’ve finished styling. I use a tiny drop to tame fly aways and use the left over oil on my hands and then apply it to my ends. It smells luxurious and is a must for all hair types.




ASTRID : Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield (Colorescience)

Sunforgettable from Colorescience is a SPF 50 Sunscreen that protects from UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light and IR. Not only does this SPF protect me from the sun and the dangers of skin cancer, but it’s also very moisturizing and nourishing (Antioxidant-rich).

Sunforgettable wears well under my makeup as a primer or is a great stand alone product. Remember that SPF needs to be worn every day and 365 days a year – not just on vacation.  Sunforgettable can be applied to the face, neck, and décolleté. It should be the last step in your morning skincare routine and applied after your moisturizer.  Definitely one of my top winter product recommendations.




LAURA : Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (Bumble and bumble)

HIO Shampoo & Conditioner is my winter product recommendation.  It’s great for all hair types to gain extra moisture (from 6 different oils), it helps protect your hair color and HI0 is heat protection. It also smooths, can de-frizz, adds shine and hydrates. HI0 from Bumble and bumble really does it all!




BRITTANY : Repair-Me.Wash & Rinse (Kevin Murphy)

Repair-Me.Wash and Rinse (shampoo & conditioner) by Kevin Murphy is great for damaged, dry and over-processed hair. Naturally a brunette, I’m now blonde and this shampoo and conditioner has helped strengthen and repair my chemically processed hair. It also keeps my hair moisturized during our dry winter months in Colorado. Keep in mind that this line by Kevin Murphy is sulphate-free so it doesn’t bubble up like most shampoos do. A little trick in saving product is to add more water to your hair before adding more shampoo. Sulphates will strip your color – so that’s one less thing to worry about with Repair.Me Wash & Rinse! And Kevin Murphy is animal cruelty free, so that’s definitely a plus 🙂




JULIA : Topical C (Sanitas)

Topical C by Sanitas Skincare is deeply moisturizing and helps nourish my dry skin, especially during the winter. The great thing about Topical C is that it’s much more than just a moisturizer. It helps reduce aging, it helps brighten dark spots and it heals burns. In fact, Topical C was originally made for burn victims!  This is the last step in my daily skincare routine and for a little extra oomph – I apply it on my lips as chapstick.





APRIL : Saves The Day (Bumble and bumble)

Saves The Day is a reparative serum that helps restore damaged hair while protecting it from future damage. I’ll usually use a single pump but it also depends on the length of the hair. You can apply it to damp hair before styling and either air dry or blow dry.  I also like to apply it on my ends when my hair is dry to give it a little extra protection since I don’t wash every day. It smells super good, is light weight and is also a UV/Heat protectant! Great for all year round but a perfect winter product recommendation.


Grand Salon & MedSpa believes in the quality and the promised results of all of our products and offer a money back guarantee on our products and services if you aren’t completely satisfied.

If you have questions about winter product options for your hair or skin type, please let your stylist or skincare professional know.  Or reach out to our front desk and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experts.