Introducing…The Grand Facial

When it comes to facials, they’re not all created equally. The key to a beneficial, results-oriented facial lies in the skilled and educated hands of your Esthetician. From start to finish, every facial at Grand MedSpa is customized for the skin type, concerns and goals of each guest.

This week, Astrid Valles introduces the Grand Facial: the epitome of customization and the art of total skin health.


Skin health and maintenance is more than just having “pretty skin”. It’s about understanding that our skin is the largest organ of the body and how to care for it. Here at Grand MedSpa, we strive to educate first, treat second, and lastly, establish a long term relationship with every single guest at our spa. 

So what’s this “Grand Facial” all about? Just pure heaven wrapped up in amazing, results-oriented skin care technology! As mentioned above, we truly customize each facial to suit your needs and concerns. These can change over time and so should your skin care routine and treatments. 

During our Grand Facial, we thoroughly cleanse the skin…

and then we thoroughly cleanse the skin again…

From here, we discuss any concerns and select the correct exfoliation method for your skin type.  Exfoliation options consist of a Dermaplane, Microdermabrasion, low level chemical peels, as well as enzyme treatment masks. Extractions and deep pore cleansing are an extra special treat for those with oily or congested skin.

Now that the skin is successfully exfoliated, the focus is on restoring your skin’s balance by feeding it the nutrients that it truly needs and craves. In comes the serum infusion! This treatment pushes and drives the customized nutrient infusion right into that freshly exfoliated skin. 

To ensure maximum absorption of the serum infusion, a hydrojelly mask is selected for your skin type and your goals. This mask is hand blended before it’s applied to the skin. Fun fact about this cooling and hydrating mask, it also covers the eyes and lips to give these sometimes neglected areas some extra attention!

This facial is about more than just helping you to accomplish glowing and healthy skin. By employing several different facial massage techniques, we’re able to provide the perfect fusion of both purposeful massage and total relaxation.

Our finishing touches will leave your skin hydrated, smooth and glowing. Best of all, you’ll leave on cloud 9. 

Best, BEST of all – throughout July, when you book The Grand Facial, receive a complimentary Ultra Boost Serum Set (a $39 Value).  Click over to our Promotions page for more detail on this great offer:


For more information on The Grand Facial, any other skincare service or to schedule a free skin care consultation, contact Grand’s Medical Spa.  You can reach us at 303/572-1435 or email us at


Astrid Valles RN, LE, Aesthetic Injector, Esthetician

Astrid brings 13 years of experience as an esthetician and 6 years as a Registered Nurse to Grand’s Medical Aesthetics team. With a dedication to ongoing research and education, she stays at the forefront of a medical field that’s constantly innovating.

Her goal for every client is to make them happy and confident in the skin they’re in.

Astrid specializes in lip sculpting with filler, subtle & natural dermal filler injectables, the Botox sprinkle and microneedling with PRP.  Follow @AestheticallyAstrid