Introducing the VI Peel 

by Astrid Valles

The VI Peel, by VI Aesthetics, is where chemical formulation and innovation meet to create the first ever painless chemical peel. Each peel in VI’s portfolio is appropriate for all skin types and tones and is specially formulated to treat some of the most common skin health concerns: pigmentation, acne, scarring, signs of aging and sun damage.

Speaking of innovation, VI Peel is the first peel to get its very own app. The app was designed to create the ultimate in the post-peel experience. In the app you’ll find a day by day guide to track your progress, walking you through what to expect. It also has a great great FAQ section, forums and options for aftercare reminders.

The beauty of the VI peels is that they’re great for both prevention and correction. The power of prevention means that it can prevent potential damage from worsening to the point where it becomes visible on the epidermis – the outermost layer of the skin exposed to the elements. Speaking to correction, while a series is typically recommended (more on that in a minute) results can be seen after a single treatment – significant results, at that.  Check out these Before & Afters of an actual Grand MedSpa guest after her first peel.

Its masterful formulation is truly one of a kind. Aside from the fact that it’s painless, a VI Peel is capable of providing results that are profound. In particular, Melasma, a common yet stubborn kind of pigmentation to the skin, will see an initial lightening after the very first peel.

There are 3 specialty VI Peels: the Original, Purify, and Precision Plus.

  • Purify: Acne Prone Skin
  • Original: Overall tone, texture, and skin rejuvenation
  • Precision Plus: Transformative reduction in both pigmentation and sun damage

Here are more Before & After treatment photos, which illustrate the improvement potential from a VI Peel: targeting Anti-Aging, Pigmentation and Acne/Acne-scarring.


A thorough consultation with any of Grand MedSpa’s medical skincare therapists will help you decide which treatment will be best for you based on your current skincare condition as well as your skin health goals.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to skin is that the damage that we see today is the result of decades of skin damage and exposure to the sun, among other things. That’s not to say that the damage is impossible to treat, it simply means that it’s important to bring the damaged skin to the surface so that it can be sloughed off and removed over a series of treatments. We typically recommend a series of 3 peels, 4-6 weeks apart. Of course, every face we meet is unique and so with that comes the consultation.  It’s important to get to know you and your skin better before we can make proper recommendations.

Let’s talk downtime: how long and how scary? These are the top 2 questions we always hear from those interested in chemical peels. The typical response? Not long and definitely not scary 🙂

We’ve outlined the peel process below for you. If you’re curious about what to expect, what you’ll look like, and what kind of results you can anticipate along the way, then this outline will give you all the most important information you’ll need to get ready for the peel.

After each peel is completed, your skincare therapist will walk you through your post care treatment kit. This kit includes after care products and has important day by day instructions on how to care for your skin after your treatment.

Day 1: Peel Application Day

When you come in for your appointment your skin will be thoroughly cleansed before we begin. We will also take the time to explain the process and exactly what we’ll be doing for your treatment. Once we have consulted and cleansed, we get the peel party started. The chemical peel will be applied using gauze. While there is no pain or discomfort involved with this treatment, we take our time to closely monitor your skin as we work in the peel. We then apply our Colorescience Sunforgettable mineral powder sun protection and you’re on your way! No red faces here, just a sun-kissed glow out the door.

Day 2: Skin Starts to Feel Dry

Not a whole lot is happening on Day 2 and you won’t see any evidence of a chemical peel from the previous day on your skin. Your skin may feel dry and some may experience very light flaking but the real magic happens on Day 3.

Day 3: PEELING (you’ll want to stay inside)

Welcome to Peel Central my friends! This is the day that the peeling fun begins. For some it will be true peeling and for others (who regularly exfoliate) it will be more of a flaking. The #1 Rule here is DO NOT PICK YOUR SKIN! I repeat, for the love of all things holy, please do not pick at your skin or the peeling/flaking. The skin below will be revealed in due time and when it’s good and ready. It’s going to be glorious. Scout’s honor. Just be patient.

Day 4-6: Peeling starts to subside

The heaviest peeling and flaking will take place on days 3 and 4 while days 5 and beyond are when the peeling is finishing up.

Please keep in mind that the peeling process varies from person to person. If you are more on the dry side your peeling may be greater than someone who has oily prone skin. Consultations are always necessary in order to decide which treatment is the best fit for your skin.

For more information about the VI Peel or to schedule a free skin care consultation, contact Grand’s Medical Spa.  You can reach us at (303) 572-1435 or by email:

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Astrid Valles RN, LE, Aesthetic Injector, Esthetician

Astrid brings 13 years of experience as an esthetician and 6 years as a Registered Nurse to Grand’s Medical Aesthetics team. With a dedication to ongoing research and education, she stays at the forefront of a medical field that’s constantly innovating.

Her goal for every client is to make them happy and confident in the skin they’re in.

Astrid specializes in lip sculpting with filler, subtle & natural dermal filler injectables, the Botox sprinkle and microneedling with PRP.  Follow @AestheticallyAstrid