Green Salon SustainAbility

If you are looking for a green salon, look no further! Gränd is delighted to be working with SustainAbility, a local recycling company that is unique in many ways. What makes this company so different is that they collect hard to recycle items including the foil we use to color hair as well as hair dryers, flat irons and other electronics. What’s also great is their work force is comprised of people with disabilities ‘creating meaningful work for a segment of our society that is significantly under-employed’.

Also check out their Eco Bag Project. They hand-make these cool bags using scrap upholstery collected from local businesses, keeping textile waste from entering our landfills . These bags can be found at several local Shops in Denver. For more information on this, SustainAbility and their services, check out their website here.
Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, people!

Jason Hobart