Introducing Revision Skincare

Introducing Revision Skincare! Now available as our MedSpa's newest luxury product line. (psst - we're excited!)

Introducing Revision Skincare

by Olyvia Beyette

Revision Skincare at Grand Salon & MedSpa

Grand is thrilled to announce the addition of Revision Skincare to our medical spa’s line of products. Our guests and our staff (both on the hair & skin sides!) have been buzzing about Revision for weeks so we wanted to take some time in our blog to spread the news far and wide.

This luxury skincare line was created to change the way that skincare results are achieved. The goal of Revision Skincare is to create healthy, youthful-looking skin without ever compromising the long term health of your skin. 

We asked our MedSpa team (Astrid Valles, Carrie Meis, and Stacey Lohmar) to tell us a little bit about their favorite Revision Skincare products. With so much to love about the entire Revision line, our experts had a hard time narrowing their options to a single product.  With some art-twisting, our estheticians rose to the professional challenge and each focused on a single recommendation. 

Revision Skincare DEJ Night Cream at Grand Salon & MedSpa

Astrid Valles I Cosmetic Injector, RN – 
Favorite Revision Skincare Product: D•E•J Eye Cream

“It is so challenging to only pick one product from Revision Skincare’s highly effective and scientifically innovative line of products, but the DEJ Eye Cream rises to the very top of my list. Every eye cream that I have tried in the past failed to deliver on their lofty promises. This eye cream however, comes through with flying colors. The DEJ Eye Cream from Revision addresses all of my personal concerns for my eye area. For me these concerns include dark circles, crows feet, fine lines, dry crepey looking skin, and most notably its ability to reduce hooding and drooping of the eyelid (yes… it is an eye cream for the eye LID as well). I’m obsessed. Finally— an eye cream that DOES something!”

Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex at Grand Salon & MedSpa
Carrie Meis I Cosmetic Injector, RN – Favorite Revision Skincare Product: C+ Correcting Complex 30%

“Revision Skincare has so many amazing products to choose from that it is hard to pick a favorite but if I had to pick— it has to be the C+ Correcting Complex 30%! This product has advanced technologies that offer the highest concentration and the most effective form of Vitamin C, plus Vitamin E and Revision Skincare’s MelaPATH technology. This cream protects the skin against damaging light, pollution and free radicals while repairing collagen, reducing melanin production and improving skin tone. After only a few weeks you’ll notice a more even complexion, a reduction of fine lines and redness and an improvement in overall skin appearance. What is NOT to love about this product?!”

Revision Skincare Firming Night Treatment at Grand Salon & MedSpa

Stacey Lohmar I Esthetician – Favorite Revision Skincare Product: Firming Night Treatment

“The products that Revision Skincare has created are remarkable. It is so difficult for me to choose just one product to recommend but the Firming Night Treatment is the best Revision Skincare product to care for your skin in our dry Colorado climate. This multi-faceted product has Shea Butter which is great for hydrating the skin as well as Sodium Hyaluronate, which binds water to your skin. This water binding technology combines with scientifically proven peptides to plump and soften the skin — reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin will feel younger, brighter, softer and smoother after using this fabulous product.”

As you can see— we’re big fans of Revision Skincare products. The science and integrity behind this product line has been nothing short of astounding. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with Revision Skincare products just like we have!


For more information on Revision Skincare or our product lines at Grand or to inquire about medical spa skin services, just drop us an email or give us a call. If you’d like to book an appointment, consider using our online booking system or reach out to our guest relations staff to work with your schedule.

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