This week in our Blog, Grand's MedSpa explains the causes of maskne and offers prevention and treatment options for our associated skin irritation, dryness, clogged pores and acne breakouts (uggh).


by Carrie Meis & Stacey Lohmar

Preventing and Treating Breakouts Caused by Masks

Maskne is a REAL thing! If you haven’t heard the term yet, hopefully it’s because you’re not experiencing ill effects to your skin from wearing a mask on a regular basis. If you have developed skin problems since dawning a mask – you’re certainly not alone.

This week in our Blog, we’ll explore the causes and concerns of maskne, and how to mitigate the damage through good skincare practices and the highest quality products.

What is maskne?

Maskne is a collective term for the irritation, dryness, clogged pores, acne breakouts and inflammation caused by mask wearing. Masks cause moisture and oil to stay on the skin and that can lead to irritation and clogged pores. Take the constant contact, heat, friction and rubbing from a mask and we have a recipe for acne mechanica. This form of acne is different from the more typical acne vulgaris that we treat in the dermatological world. Acne vulgaris is due to overactive oil glands, hormones and bacteria as opposed to acne mechanica, which is due to external factors.

Relieve and protect the skin against maskne and promote skin health going forward. 

There are a few simple steps that you can start following today that will help improve your skin.

  • Avoid touching, itching and rubbing the skin under and around the mask.
  • Clean reusable masks daily and wear disposable masks for only one day.
  • Be sure to cleanse the skin before and after wearing the mask.
  • Use a gentle cleanser the majority of the time and avoid toners that can dry out the skin further.
  • Try to avoid using makeup under the mask.

Grand’s MedSpa recommends the following products to combat Maskne:

We recommend several specific treatment products from Sanitas Skincare.

Lemon Cream Cleanser is going to remove surface debris without stripping or dehydrating the skin. With an infused blend of antioxidants, Lemon Cream Cleanser helps detoxify, promotes skin renewal and maintains skin balance. 

Therapeutic Cleansing Pads are a clarifying treatment that exfoliates, rids the skin of excess oils, calms redness and helps tighten pores. A key ingredient is salicylic acid, which stimulates skin renewal and helps unclog pores.

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B3 Clarifying Complex is a a clarifying treatment lotion that balances skin flora to soothe inflamed, problem skin and helps address imperfections. It also helps to relieve pore congestion and control surface oil.

Antioxidant Moisturizer replenishes the skin’s moisture reserve and targets outside pollutants that contribute to skin aging.

At Grand’s MedSpa, we use Sanitas products in all of our facials. Sanitas Skincare is a pharmaceutical line formulated and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado. Their products do not contain harsh preservatives and are paraben, phthalate, dye, gluten and cruelty free. Plus, Sanitas is eco friendly!

Grand’s Deluxe Skin Care & Facial Kits

If you’d like a more customized approach to your products (and you’re anxiously counting down the days until you get back into the MedSpa for a facial), Grand is offering Deluxe Skin Care and Facial Kits ($69).

Our Medical Spa staff has curated three Deluxe Kits, each customized for different skin types and containing a cleanser, enzyme mask, serum, moisturizer and treatment mask (plus a few bonus goodies!).

These newly upgraded kits will treat you to 3 full facials for a deeper clean and exfoliation, and they include enough product to compliment your skincare regimen for roughly a month!

We’re always happy to consult with you virtually or in person to cater to your specific goals and concerns for an even more customizable kit and experience.


If you have questions about maskne, other skincare concerns or the skincare services offered at our MedSpa, just drop us an email or give us a call – we’ll put you in touch with one of our estheticians or nurses.  If you’d like to book a consultation or a service appointment, consider using our online booking system or reach out to our guest relations staff to work with your schedule.

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Carrie Meis| RN, BSN, Aesthetic Injector | Specialties – total eye rejuvenation with filler, lip augmentation with filler, microneedling and Botox

Nurse, mother, artist and traveler are just a few terms that describe Carrie.  Born in New York, she’s called Denver home for the past 33 years.  When the last of her five children went to school she decided to go back also.  Since graduating with her BSN in 2010, Carrie has worked in multiple fields of nursing but found her passion in the Aesthetic Nursing field in 2013.  Follow @carriern2000

Stacey Lohmar| Esthetician. Specialties: chemical peels, dermaplaning, laser hair removal, serum-infused facials

Educated at the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, Stacey has a wealth of knowledge on all things skin and how to improve it. Originally from Illinois, she relocated to Denver in 2012 and has pioneered our skincare program at Grand. Stacey loves continuing her education on the latest techniques and products, and was recently featured in 5280 Magazine’s story, “19 Spa Experiences to Help You Relax this Winter.” Follow @skinbystacey