Lived in Texture Style to Hide Dirty/oily Roots

Laura Thompson shows us an amazing hair style for that third day hair. Follow this easy tutorial to get a simple style for hiding your oily roots for those days you don’t feel like washing your hair. Plus, we all know second and third day hair cooperates soooo much better!

1. This style is good for when you need to hide dirty/oily roots. Start with tussled hair.

2. Gather top section of hair from temple to temple. Push forward to create some volume

3. Secure front section with a few bobby pins

4. Push bobby pins inward on each side

5. Pull the ends up that are left out of the bobby pins

6. Loosely twist piece of hair

7. Wrap loosely to create a bun

8. Secure bun with bobby pins pushing the bobby pins in towards the middle of the bun

9. Use Kevin Murphy Doo.Over Dry Powder Finishing Spray (or your favorite texturizing spray)

10. Spray all over style to create more dusty texture and to absorb oil and enhance lived in texture.