Laser Hair Removal Smooth Legs

Laser Hair Removal:

Your Long Term Solution for Smooth Skin

by Astrid Valles

Laser Hair Removal Smooth Skin

It’s about that time of year when we start looking forward to Spring and Summer, being outside and getting some Vitamin D on our winter skin!  If you happen to be one for whom shaving is more of a chore than a hobby (and maybe you’re still pushing the limits of No-Shave November), laser hair removal could be your long term solution for smooth skin.

Read on for details on how laser hair removal works, how to prepare for your treatments and what to expect in terms of results.

Laser Hair Removal treatments are a great option.

To begin, laser hair removal is a phenomenal long term solution. Say ‘buh-bye’ to prickly legs, pits, arms, bikini lines, chest & back (we’re looking at you guys!) and anywhere else you want to smooth. Long-term hair-free happiness is accomplished through a series of relatively short sessions – 6-8 for the typical patient. That’s all that’s needed to banish the fuzz.  During each visit we’ll monitor the results and the progress from your previous session and determine what’s needed going forward.

Within the first 3 sessions, the hair follicles get thinner and thinner. By sessions 3-6, you’ll notice that your hair has become so thin that it’s barely noticeable.  You’ll also realize that you don’t need to shave as often as the hair is much slower to return. A favorite analogy of mine is to think of Laser Hair Removal like a cat with 9 lives: each session takes away a life until there’s no more hair!

Lasers work by…

…destroying what they can see. With that being said, the best candidates are those with light skin and dark hair. Even if you don’t fit into that category, you can still be hairless. We’ll adjust the laser setting, customizing it your type to accommodate a safe and effective treatment. If the idea of a warm laser makes you nervous or you’re concerned with the discomfort involved, rest assured – our amazing Quanta Laser is equipped with an ice cold tip that knocks out the bite of laser heat before it even touches your skin. We always fine-tune these settings to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Let’s talk Laser Hair Removal preparation.

Laser Hair Services smooth arm pits

Prep is an important part of the process and can make a huge difference in how fast we get rid of the hair. Winter is the best time to receive treatments because our skin tends to see less sun this time of year. It’s important that the area of concern hasn’t been recently tanned – real or fake – to ensure a safe treatment. In addition to non-tanned skin, we ask that you shave before your treatments, do not wax, use depilatory creams like Nair, or tweeze any hairs in the treatment zone. If you remove the hair then when you come in, there’s not any hair there for us to treat!  But you can absolutely shave or buzz the hair as much as needed.

Treatment Day:

Each professional on our MedSpa staff at Grand is proficient and well trained on laser hair removal treatment and safety.

During treatment, we can move as fast or as slow as you prefer. No matter where your comfort zone lies, we can accommodate. During each treatment, you should expect to feel something that resembles a tiny rubber band snap and a chill – that’s it. Immediately after, the skin may be slightly pink (not always).  The treatments themselves are relatively quick, not because we rush, but because it’s a fast and simple service.  For example, most underarm sessions can be completed within 60 seconds – but if there’s discomfort, we can slow things down.

Schedule a Free Consultation!

If laser hair removal sounds like something you’re interested in, remember that our consultations are always complimentary. We can use that time together to further discuss your areas of concern, what to expect, how many sessions you should need, treatable area options and what to expect during the treatment process. We’re here to make sure that you are as educated and comfortable as possible.

For more information about Laser Hair Removal, other services at Grand’s MedSpa or to schedule a free skin care consultation, contact our front desk: (303) 572-1435 |


Astrid Valles RN, LE, Aesthetic Injector, Esthetician

Astrid brings 14 years of experience as an esthetician and 7 years as a Registered Nurse to Grand’s Medical Aesthetics team. With a dedication to ongoing research and education, she stays at the forefront of a medical field that’s constantly innovating.

Her goal for every client is to make them happy and confident in the skin they’re in.  Astrid specializes in lip sculpting with filler, subtle & natural dermal filler injectables, the Botox sprinkle and microneedling with PRP.  Follow @AestheticallyAstrid