Hand Styling Tutorial

Grand’s Megan Nichols treats us to some hand styling techniques, curling & scrunching tips and recommends the best styling products for lift, texture and volume.

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Hi, I’m Megan with Grand Salon, and today I’m gonna be showing you how to do some hand styling.

So I’m gonna start prepping my hair with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Spray, just spritzing from roots to ends. I’m gonna layer on top of it some grooming cream, which gives really great lift-in texture. Next, I’m gonna use a Surf Foam Blow Dry, which is a volumizing foam spray, and I’m gonna be spraying it roots to ends. This gives a nice, light, gritty texture to the hair. I’m gonna comb all the product through with just a nice wide-tooth comb.

I want to make sure everything is evenly distributed. We’re gonna want to make sure that we get all the roots dry so it’s nice, even volume. I’m really just focusing on drying the first couple inches of the roots, and holding with my fingertips nice tension. That’s gonna really help smooth it out and eliminate any frizz.

Once your roots are completely dry, we are going to make two sections. So we’re gonna find our high recession line, and do our partings based off of that. So we’re gonna slide our fingers back, put that top section away. You’ll want to just twist around…twist the hair around your finger, and essentially just scrunch up. You’ll hold it basically in this position the whole time, sometimes re-twisting.

You can already tell this has, like, a really nice, slight curl to it, and you’re just gonna wanna leave that hanging, just like that. All right, so we’re gonna let down this top section. We’re gonna start twisting and scrunching this section.

So you do want to make sure your hair is completely dry. You, kind of, let it sit for a minute or two and just feel if there’s any excess moisture, and if there is, just make sure you continue drying until all the moisture is out. As my hair is getting more and more dry, you also notice I’m not twisting as much as I am scrunching, just because we already have a really nice shape going with the twist already.

So, since we twisted all the hair away from the face, we’re gonna be wanting to curl the hair in that same direction. So we are gonna hold the curling iron vertical, and we’re always gonna hold it vertical. And we are going to start curling at the midsection of the hair. So we are working away from the face, and we are moving the clamp, leaving the tail end of the section out.

And I’m not gonna take every piece of hair, so I’ll probably grab a section right through here. I’m just gonna add a couple curls on this bottom section, just right around the face, because, of course, we like to see the most polished looks right around the face.

All right, so to finish off this style, we are gonna use a little bit of the SumoClay from Bumble and Bumble. And I’m just gonna grab, like, a dime-size amount, work it through my hands really, really good, and then, I’m just gonna scrunch the product into the hair. This is gonna give it just a little bit more texture.