Hair Extensions: A Quick Guide

Extensions are a great way to get your dream hair in just a few hours instead of waiting months or sometimes years!  Even then, natural dream hair seems attainable for only…mmmm…ahh…well – there is….[insert name here later].

If you’re considering hair extensions you probably turned to Google for the basics – and you were probably overwhelmed.  With so many extension options, many people give up on the idea before they even get started with a stylist. The possibilities, the techniques, the range in costs and maintenance – – it’s daunting and can be confusing when it comes down to what’s best for an individual’s situation.

When it comes to your lifestyle and for your wallet, you’re the decider.  But consider a free in-salon consultation with your favorite stylist at Grand.  With such a wide variety of extensions, we’re your best resource for comparing the pros and cons of every option.  At Grand, we’ve already vetted the products and application techniques and we offer only the best for our guests. Our stylists are educated, experienced professionals who love to share their wisdom and work with each guest to develop a plan that best-suits their individual goals. 

In Grand’s Blog this month, and to coincide with our 20% Off Promotion, Stephanie Jordan & Marin Johnson have done their best job narrowing the field, focusing on the premium options that Grand offers for our guests. These are just quick descriptions and an effort to set basic expectations for Price💰and Maintenance🔧  (Note: we don’t actually use wrenches during extension services.)

Use our Blog as a starting point to kick off a conversation with your stylist.  And if you’re considering extensions, take advantage of our August promotion – it’s the best opportunity of the year to get your dream hair!  

Clip-In Extensions 💰🔧

Clip-ins are attached to a weft with clips. Different sized wefts are available to suit the density you’re trying to achieve.  One big benefit of clip-ins is the flexibility – you’re able to remove them and clip them back in whenever you like. There’s no need for salon visits unless you’d like to get them cut and/or colored. They’re minimal trouble, they’re a minimal amount of commitment and often-times, clip-ins are the best option for the budget-minded.

How long do they last?

The hair will last up to a year depending on how well it’s maintained. Weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments are recommended for regular care.

Tape-In Extensions 💰💰🔧🔧🔧

Tape-ins are attached to a two inch strip, “sandwiching” your real hair to create density and length. Salon visits are required every 5-7 weeks for adjustments because the extensions will loosen and start to matte at the base while your hair is growing.

Depending on personal preference, some people opt for the lower-maintenance tape-ins over clip-ins and the more-natural look that can be achieved from the professional blending done in the salon.  It’s all about personal preference.

How long do they last?

The hair will need to be replaced every 5-7 months depending on how well it’s maintained. As with all real hair extensions, conditioning treatments are a must. Insider Tip!: Make sure not to apply the conditioner to the base of the extension as it can loosen the strip and may even lead to the hair falling out.

Silicone Bond (I-hair) 💰💰💰💰🔧🔧🔧

The Silicon Bond product & technique is the most natural looking extension option.  The stylist attaches individual hair strands to your real hair by silicon beads, which are cold pressed and applied in rows. The amount of time you spend in the salon and your ultimate cost depends largely on whether you’re going for a full head of extensions or just filling in thinner areas of your natural hair. Salon visits will be necessary every 3-5 months, during which your stylist will remove and reapply the extensions. Tip: These salon visits are a great time to get your own hair cut and colored!

How long do they last?

Your Silicone Bead extensions should last 3-5 months. If well-cared for, they can sometimes be reused for up to a year.

Keratin Bond (Classic) 💰💰💰💰🔧🔧🔧

Your hair type and personal preference might lean you toward a Keratin Bond, which is another very natural looking option. The individual extension strands are attached to your real hair by keratin heat bead and applied in rows as with the Silicone Bond.  Your fullness-goal will again determine how much time is spent in the salon and your ultimate expense. Salon visits are again required and home maintenance is necessary.

How long do they last?

The life of Keratin Bond extensions is typically 3-5 months and is meant for a single use.  After that, new hair will need to be purchased and applied in your salon.

Wefts 💰💰💰🔧🔧

Wefts are long rows of hair attached to your real hair using beads and are ideal for creating volume.  This method is typically for people who already have hair on the thicker side who desire to added length. Salon visits are needed for adjustments.

How long do they last?

The hair can be reused up to 1 year depending on how well it’s maintained with adjustments typically needed every 3 months.


At Grand we only offer human hair extension options – it’s our preferred product and one element of our vetting process.  Below we’ve charted some key points to illustrate the differences between human and synthetic hair options.

Human Hair v. Synthetic Hair


  • Color – Harder to match, not able to change color if needed
  • Texture – Only one texture available
  • Quality – Plastic feeling and can be described as “straw-like”
  • Styling – Not able to apply heat

Human Hair:

  • Color – Easy to match, can adjust color as needed with more color options available
  • Texture – Different textures available (ie. straight, wavy, curly)
  • Quality – High end but can vary by brand
  • Styling – Anything you do to your natural hair you’re able to do with your extensions!

We hope this information helps form a basic understanding of hair extension options and we hope they lay the groundwork for a productive dialogue with your stylist about the best options for your individual goals, your lifestyle and your budget.

Grand Salon does require consultations prior to hair ordering and installation.  If you have questions or curiosity about extensions, we’d love to talk with you.  Give us a call and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our extension experts to get your dream hair!  And don’t forget about our 20% Off August Promotion!   (exp. 8/31/19)

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Stephanie Michele Jordan

Stylist  |  Specialty – blondes, balayage, updos, and color corrections

Stephanie is a native born and raised Coloradan and started her career in Chicago assisting Joe Tristino at Linea Salon. In Chicago she found her niche doing Brazilian Blowouts, Updos and Balayage as well as playing with vivid colors to create signature looks. Stephanie draws her inspiration from her Grandfather, a hair stylist and artist who has been in the industry for longer than she can remember. Her goals are defined simply: doing beautiful hair and making clients happy. Stephanie’s expertise ranges from classic looks to fashion-forward and trendy styles.  Follow Stephanie @stephanie_j_hair