Hair Fashion Colors

Vivid hair fashion colors are the rage. Sometimes referred to as fantasy hair, unicorn hair or mermaid hair, these bright, vibrant colors can be strikingly beautiful and completely transformative. Learn more in Grand's Blog.

Hair Fashion Colors

by Katelyn Flores & Brittany Wyatt

Vivid hair fashion colors have been the rage for the past few years. Sometimes referred to as fantasy hair, unicorn hair or mermaid hair, these bright, vibrant colors can be strikingly beautiful and completely transformative.  

Hair Fashion Colors

But fashion hair colors are also high maintenance – in terms of the time it takes to achieve results, self-care at home and regular appointments at the salon. It’s also a financial commitment for a look that’s inherently temporary. 

In Grand’s blog this week, we offer some fashion color commentary to help set honest expectations for preparation, results, budget, maintenance and the longevity of your new colors. Armed with the big picture, you can make an informed decision on whether or not fashion colors are right for you!


Success is a Team Effort

When it comes to successful fashion hair colors, it takes an educated guest as well as a dedicated and experienced stylist. 

Hair Fashion Colors

Approaching your fashion hair color with realistic expectations for budget, length of process, desired outcome and the maintenance  required to keep your hair vibrant and beautiful are the keys to success. And these keys are built on healthy communication with your stylist.

Be sure to ask questions, discuss your concerns and start a dialogue with your stylist about their process.

Share your Fashion Color Inspirations

A great way to get that dialogue started with your stylist is to share your fashion color inspirations with them. Pinterest and Instagram are great tools for collecting ideas or narrowing colors and then collaborating with your service provider. Having images in hand will also help to avoid misunderstandings/miscommunications and are great setups for honest discussions and expectations.

Hair Fashion Colors

There are several factors that come in to play to achieve the perfect fashion color for your hair, to plan for its upkeep and to keep it looking incredible over time. An educated fashion color guest with realistic expectations will help a stylist make the best decisions for their hair.

Beauty Budget Comfort Zone

There’s no sugar-coating it, achieving your dream fashion colors might put stress on your wallet. A high quality transformation to vibrant hair colors takes considerable time in the salon chair. To avoid surprises or buyer’s remorse, it’s always a good idea to discuss your goals and establish your beauty budget with your stylist based on their feedback and their best estimates.

Hair Fashion Colors


If you aren’t completely comfortable with your stylist’s rate, don’t be shy about asking your salon’s guest services staff to match you with a stylist that’s the best fit for your budget.

For most guests it will take multiple appointments to prepare their hair for fashion colors to be applied. If your hair has been colored before and is dark, it may take several appointments to get your hair lightened to the right shade. If you have virgin hair (never colored before), it might take fewer appointments – especially if your natural hair color is light. 

Everything is Temporary 

Fashion colors are direct dyes, meant to last only 4-8 weeks even with proper care. Pastels, being so sheer and light, are even more short-lived – typically lasting 1-3 weeks. 

Fashion colors don’t go very deep into the hair cuticle, which means they will rinse out more easily and fade more quickly. Prolonging your new-do requires the best home haircare products, likely some adjustments to your regimen and regular trips to your stylist to keep your look fresh. 

Hair Fashion Colors

This is the “protecting your investment” phase and adhering to your stylist’s words of wisdom will go a long way to maximizing the vibrancy and longevity of your color.

Commit to Maintenance 

With any new hair style or hair color comes upkeep. In order to maintain your beautiful new color or shade, you may need to be in the salon every 4-6 weeks. Your stylist will also recommend professional grade products for you to use at home, which will help maintain your color, promote healthy hair and prepare it for future color processes.

Hair Fashion Colors

 No matter how healthy and how well you take care of your hair, adjusting its color and texture inevitably takes a toll. Encouraging good hair health requires extra care – both at the salon and at home.

Enjoy your Fashion Colors!

All fashion colors can be customized and can even be made to fade to another shade of the color you originally chose.  It’s an amazing way to transform your look and express your personality or individuality.

The keys for successful fashion colors start with knowledge. From there, you can set realistic expectations for the process and the results. Define what you want and communicate openly with your stylist. Your stylist will love discussing it with you and collaborating on a plan – especially when they specialize and have a passion for the techniques for fashion color. 

As a team, you can plan for what’s realistically attainable, how it fits with your beauty budget comfort zone and how to get the most life from your new fashion colors!


If you have questions about fashion colors, other hair services or the skincare services offered at Grand’s MedSpa, just drop us an email or give us a call.  If you’d like to book a consultation or a service appointment, consider using our online booking system or reach out to our guest relations staff to work with your schedule.

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Katelyn Flores| Associate Stylist | Specialties – fashion colors, blondes, damage treatment

Katelyn came to Grand with the goal of working and growing alongside genuine, talented and successful people. With over 5 years of hair experience, Katelyn particularly shines in achieving light/bright blondes, treating & preventing damaged hair and accentuating beauty with makeup.

Personally, Katelyn is passionate about animal-welfare and volunteers with local shelters. She enjoys making connections, building relationships and spending quality time with friends.

Brittany Wyatt| Guest Relations  | Specialties – creating unparalleled guest experiences

With nearly 10 years in the hair industry, Brittney brings a special set of skills and experience to her Guest Relations role at Grand. Today her career goals are centered on the business-side of Salon & Spa, but her work behind the chair drives a mindset that demands the highest level of customer service.

During her personal time, Brittany enjoys a good book, a good road trip and a good time at the dog park with her husband & her pup Harper.