This week, Astrid Valles, a registered nurse, esthetician and an eminent authority on microneedling at Grand’s MedSpa, answers a few of the more common questions she receives from patients. Read on for an overview of this minimally invasive but highly effective and customizable treatment.

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What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is an all in one treatment designed to improve a variety of skin conditions and concerns. Creating tiny punctures in the skin using micro-fine needles, the process allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair process, automatically triggering new collagen synthesis. Microneedling will reduce fine lines, soften deeper wrinkles, rid your skin of acne scars, smooth skin textures and irregularities, and also aid in reducing brown spots or pigmentation concerns.

After PRP Applied

In addition to the microneedling treatment itself, there’s also PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma that can play an important role in both your treatment results and recovery. Microneedling with PRP, commonly referred to as the “Vampire Facial,” uses the power of your own blood products to decrease your treatment downtime and increase the results of your treatment.

Who should get microneedling?

If you have any of the following concerns, microneedling would be a great option for you:

– fine lines
– deeper wrinkles
– acne scarring
– large pores
– loss of collagen
– loss of elasticity
– brown spots
– reduce crows feet
– loss of firmness of skin
– pigmentation issues
– scarring of any kind
– stretch marks

When should I begin microneedling?

Microneedling is great to both treat an existing concern and prevent others from even happening. Because your skin’s collagen lessens with time and age, regular maintenance is recommended to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Think of it like taking your skin to the gym. You can go to the gym regularly for a few months but once you stop, the great results can diminish with time. If you go to the gym regularly, then you constantly feel great and healthy. The same holds true for microneedling (and most skin services). In the beginning you may need 3-4 treatments to correctly address your concerns. These appointments should be about 4 weeks apart from one another. After that, it’s recommended that you schedule maintenance services one time per quarter or 3-4 times per year.

What can be microneedled?

Some of the most common areas are the face, neck, and décolleté. We can also treat acne scarring of the shoulders and back, incisional and trauma scars of the face and body, as well as areas of the body where stretch marks are present. If there are areas not mentioned, schedule a consultation and we can discuss if it will work for the area of concern.

What does the treatment feel like?

All of our microneedle treatments, no matter the area, receive topical numbing medication that completely numbs the treatment area. Most patients say they can feel a soft vibration once the procedure begins but there’s no discomfort whatsoever.

Is downtime involved?

One of the great things about microneedling is the “minimal” down time involved. Immediately following the treatment, your skin will have a red or rosy tone to it. The redness will diminish within the first 6-8 hours. 24 hours after the treatment, you can apply makeup to cover any residual redness that remains. While your skin will feel dry, days 3-5 are when most experience a slight “flaking” of their skin. Any flaking can be relieved with moisturizer.

How many treatments will I need and when?

This depends heavily on your concerns, their severity and your skin goals. At Grand provide a very thorough and in-depth consultation for all of our patients. We will ensure that all of your questions will be answered before we begin treatment.

The average patient will typically require 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. This skin plan can be modified and customized to each patient’s needs. Additionally, there are many different techniques and tricks that we can use to help you achieve your goals.

What kind of results should I expect to see and when?

A wonderful thing about microneedling is that you can see some of the benefits as soon as the week following the appointment. The immediate results are glowing, bright, smooth skin. Even though your body is hard at work rebuilding collagen and elastin to further results, the instant gratification is wonderful.

One Week After – No Makeup
One Week Later with Makeup

In the long term, after a series of 3-4 treatments, the magic really begins to happen. Under the surface, your body is creating more collagen and remodeling itself. This process takes several weeks and each continued treatment increases the visible benefits. After approximately 3-4 treatments (depending on needs and expectations) you’ll continue to see your skin change, as it becomes firmer, stronger, brighter, and all-around healthier.

Can I get other treatments with/after Microneedling?

Absolutely! While some patients are perfectly happy receiving microneedling alone, many patients choose to combine it with other services. There are many treatments that work really well together and we can customize these services to suit your needs.

Below are a few examples of combination therapies that our patients regularly receive:

Microneedle -> Fix: Hydrate
Microneedle -> IPL
Microneedle -> Botox
Microneedle -> Botox + Filler
Microneedle -> Vi Peel

For more information on Microneedling & Grand’s Medical Spa, call us at 303/572-1435 to set up a consultation with Carrie & Astrid (MedSpa) or Stacey (Esthetician). You can also email us at

*This blog was originally posted in February 2019 and updated for 3/20 and 9/20.


Astrid Valles RN, LE, Aesthetic Injector, Esthetician

Astrid brings 14 years of experience as an esthetician and 7 years as a Registered Nurse to Grand’s Medical Aesthetics team. With a dedication to ongoing research and education, she stays at the forefront of a medical field that’s constantly innovating.

Her goal for every client is to make them happy and confident in the skin they’re in. Astrid loves working with people, meeting new people, and working in an industry where she can help others feel confident and beautiful.  Follow @AestheticallyAstrid