Recommended Products (from the Experts)

by Team Grand Salon & MedSpa

“What do you recommend?” That’s really only a question you pose to the experts, those that are trusted for their experience and wisdom in a given area.  Well, there’s no higher authority on the best products for the health and beauty of Hair & Skin than the stylists, managers and skincare professionals at Grand Salon & MedSpa.

For Grand’s blog this week, we’ve assembled a panel to endorse their current favs (professionally & personally) and to offer some insider tips on application for achieving the best results.

Corey Roberts, stylist

Kérastase Sérum Thérapiste

Sérum Thérapiste is perfect for everyone, from fine hair to thick hair. A little goes a long way and working from the inside out, it gives instant results! It improves the strength of your hair while repairing mechanical damage (heat styling) and chemical damage (bleaching). A special feature of this product is that it has two chambers that provide a 2 in 1 product: a cream and oil.”

Tip: “You want to emulsify the product by rubbing your hands together, then starting with the most damaged areas of your towel dried hair, ears down and gently distribute the product in those areas. When you’re left with a small amount of product you can distribute through the rest of your hair.”



Astrid Valles, RN, LE, Aesthetic Injector, Esthetician

Face Shield from Colorscience

“After cleansing with the Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser and following with the Antioxidant Moisturizer from Sanitas, I like to put on the Face Shield from Colorescience first thing under my makeup. It moisturizes and protects your skin. It leaves a dewy look that’s perfect for dryer weather your skin will soon be experiencing. This product also has an SPF of 50. People often forget about that protection once the Summer is over, but your skin needs it year round.”

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Gina Saunders, stylist

All-Style from Bumble & bumble

“Bumble & bumble’s All-Style helps extend your blowdry. A crème that turns into a powder when it dries; it’s your dry shampoo before you NEED a dry shampoo.”

Tip: “Only apply to the roots and hairline, or where you feel that you get oily the quickest. It’s hard to overuse.”


Janelle Galamay, stylist

The Ultra-Violet Masque from Kérastase

“I wish I was blonde so I could take advantage of its perfection!” The anti-yellowing and icing properties are outrageously gorgeous. It’s perfect! It has hyaluronic acid, which locks and holds the moisture in your hair. Blondes are naturally lacking moisture therefore they can sometimes lack shine, so the hyaluronic acid helps revive the shine they’re missing.

Marin Johnson, manager


“Kevin Murphy’s DOO.OVER is lighter than the BEDROOM.HAIR and still gives a great hold. It’s a dry-powder finishing hairspray but I use it as a texture spray – and you can’t over-use it.  I use it after I’ve finished curling my hair to give it that second day, piecey-textured look.”


Elizabeth Burgess, stylist

Kérastase Extensioniste Thermique

“I’m in love with the shampoo and conditioner in the Extentioniste line, so I knew I was going to love the idea that I could add this Kérastase gel cream to my hair routine to keep my hair healthy and long.”

Tip: “Put a dime size amount in your hand, spread it through your palms like a lotion and use your fingers as a comb to distribute it through the hair from mid shaft to your ends.”

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