Brighten Your Blonde (and your Silver) this Fall with Purple Shampoo

We’ve been loving Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde purple toning shampoo for neutralizing brassy and yellow hues and brightening our Blondes.  It’s also a great solution for naturally gray, silver and white hair – cancelling out the yellows and preserving the silver tones.

And the benefits aren’t just cosmetic.  The Perfect Blonde adds strength, shine and elasticity with keratin, wheat and silk amino acids.  It’s also one of the few sulfate and paraben-free purple shampoos out there.

Pravana is stronger than drug store purple shampoos and shouldn’t be used everyday – once a week will do the job or whenever you start feeling a little brassy or yellow.  If a purple hue is desired, leave it on for 20+ minutes. The Perfect Blonde pairs well with the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Rinse (conditioner) to add softness, moisture and shine.

Here are a few application tips and a sampling of pics from Ashley’s recent in-salon purple shampoo service.


We like to put a quarter size to half a palm size into our hand and apply to damp/wet hair.  If you like, you can use a regular shampoo first, followed by a purple shampoo then conditioner, but two shampoos aren’t necessary.

Start on the ends and work your way up and lather until the thick consistency gradually thins out.

If it’s not lathering the way you like, add more water and see if you can get the desired lather before you add more product.

Rinse out and follow with your favorite conditioner – or give a purple conditioner, such as Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel a try.


Ashely likes her blonde with a subtle purple tint, which we achieved with a 20+ minute application time.  Otherwise, a 5-10 minute application will do the job.

A purple shampoo is a great way to brighten your blonde or natural silvers and grays while neutralizing those brassy hues. Just remember to rinse down your shower when you’re done!!

As always, if you have questions about purple shampoos or any other products or services that Grand offers, please reach out and we’ll have your stylist or another knowledgable staff member get right back to you.  (303) 572.1435 /