Kérastase Fusio Scrubs – The ultimate in-salon hair & scalp exfoliation

By Stephanie Jordan

We’re pretty excited to announce that Kérastase has introduced their new line of Fusio deep cleansing Scalp Scrubs, formulated to remove sebum, pollution particles, product build-up and impurities for a healthy scalp & beautiful hair!

If just for a few minutes, forget about your worries, lay back in our reclining shampoo chairs and enjoy this exclusive in-salon only hair service. The Fusio Scrub is a deep sensorial fusion-scrub treatment blended with essential oils and infused with ingredients to calm, sooth, or energize the mind – a luxurious aromatic therapy that boosts your hair’s radiance with softness, volume and shine. 

The Fusio Scrub is actually skincare-inspired and this treatment is a kind of facial for the scalp: deeply cleaning, revitalizing and freeing the skin and hair from impurities. Kérastase argues that scalp health is the first step to radiant hair – and we couldn’t agree more.  Before your Fusio Scrub service, your stylist will examine your scalp, diagnose any concerns and recommend your customized treatment of Scrub and essential oils.  Your blend (and your scalp massage!) will leave you with a deeply cleaned and detoxified scalp that promotes skin renewal (remember, it’s a “facial” for your scalp), while the power of essential oils will relieve stress and leave you feeling instantly energized with a fresh mindset.

Kerastase offers two exfoliating Scrub formulas and three “Olfactory Adventures”; Essential Oils to elevate the scalp treatment to a therapeutic spa experience.


Scrub Energisant: An invigorating, energizing formula. Scrub Energisant is a sea salt scrub designed for more oily scalps. Combined with the freshness of florals and a clarifying aquatic fragrance, it completely reinvigorates the head.

Scrub Apaisant: A special formula for soothing sensitive scalps. Scrub Apaisant is a calming, gel-based scrub featuring jojoba seeds and sweet orange peel. Its scent combines uplifting citrus zest with a dark, musky amber


Peppermint: To awaken and uplift the mind.

Sandalwood: To soothe and calm the senses.

Ginger: To stimulate and energize the spirit.

Although you can’t bring the full salon experience home with you, Kérastase is offering a Scrub  solution for self-care, without the Oils component.  Your stylist will help you determine the appropriate Scrub for take-home use, with a consultation on how to apply, massage, rinse and condition. Check with your service provider for more information and his or her recommendations for your unique needs.  Use your Scrub once a week in place of your shampoo. They’re particularly helpful during the changing of seasons when the scalp adjusts and become more dry or more oily. Remember, the scalp needs to be addressed just as much as your hair!

*For the month of November, Grand is be offering $10 Fusio Scrubs, normally valued at $25. *Keep in mind that they cannot be done same day as color.

For more information on Fusio Scrubs by Kérastase or any of Grand Salon & MedSpa’s hair and skin services, give us a call or drop us an email. We love to talk about Hair & Skin!  

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Stephanie Michele Jordan

Stylist  |  Specialty – blondes, balayage, updos, and color corrections

Stephanie is a native born and raised Coloradan and started her career in Chicago assisting Joe Tristino at Linea Salon. In Chicago she found her niche doing Brazilian Blowouts, Updos and Balayage as well as playing with vivid colors to create signature looks. Stephanie draws her inspiration from her Grandfather, a hair stylist and artist who has been in the industry for longer than she can remember. Her goals are defined simply: doing beautiful hair and making clients happy. Stephanie’s expertise ranges from classic looks to fashion-forward and trendy styles.

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