The Many Benefits of Facials and Answers to your FAQs

by Stacey Lohmar

Facials offer both immediate and longterm benefits for skin-health and appearance.  They’re also a relaxing service that will help correct and balance specific skin conditions while reducing stress and maintaining your skin’s well-being. 

Facials offer a deep clean, heightened hydration, tighter pores and will encourage new cell growth, which promote younger, brighter and healthier skin. 

Scheduling a regular facial routine will help revitalize and protect your skin from the effects of environmental and hereditary issues.  Generally speaking, facials are a great service for just about anyone, regardless of skin type or condition – and yes (!), facials are just as important and beneficial for men as they are for women.

We love to address our Salon & Spa’s most frequently asked questions through our Blog.  In this edition, we’ll discuss the process and cover the benefits of facials and also cover what we offer specifically at Grand’s MedSpa – including our Serum Infused Customized Facial, which through our February promotion, is currently $40 Off!

Let’s dive in!

How Often Should You Get a Facial?

Facials are recommended every 3-4 or 4-6 weeks – depending. Genetics, diet, and pollution are all factors that result in skin type (normal, dry, oily, combo)  or skin conditions such as dehydrated, blemish-prone, sensitive or pigmented skin.

What are the Benefits of a Facial?

There are several benefits of receiving a facial, not only for your skin but your mind and body as well. Facials are going to help the skin stay stimulated and exfoliated. Our skin naturally exfoliates and sheds dead skin cells after they have gone through their full cycle. This process slows down as we age and can lead to dull, dehydrated and clogged skin. Facials will keep this natural process active and on-schedule, while rejuvenating the skin. Other benefits include tighter pores, preventative aging and increased blood circulation, which will feed your skin cells oxygen and nutrients leading to healthier, glowing skin. Facials are also a great way to reduce stress, which has benefits for the whole body and mind.

When Will I See Results?

Immediately! After a facial your skin will have tighter pores, be hydrated, plump and glowing.  In the long term, the benefits of regular facials are fewer fine lines, smaller pores and increased collagen production, which gives our skin its support and firmness. 

How Long does a Facial Take? 

Grand’s Customized Facial is going to take anywhere from 60-75 mins. Before we start, guests fill out a skin consultation questionnaire so our licensed estheticians can learn about their skin goals and concerns.  A thorough understanding of a guest’s skin type, past procedures, allergies and medications will make sure there are no contraindications towards treatment, while maximizing the effectiveness and the enjoyment of the facial.

What is Serum Infusion?

As we age our skin loses the ability to maintain nutrients that help protect us from pollution, UV rays and free radicals. This causes the skin to become dehydrated, lacking in elasticity and firmness, which will eventually lead to sagging, dry and wrinkled skin.

Serum infusion is using a custom blend of serums to help plump, hydrate and brighten the skin, utilizing ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid vitamin c and much more. Serum infusion can take place after a superficial exfoliation like an enzyme mask, dermaplane, microderm or light peel. We use a device that has a slight suction with a collagen boosting tip. It will feel cool and pushes the serum into the skin to rejuvenate and hydrate. 

What are the Steps of a Facial?

Step 1. We’ll cleanse the skin twice to make sure all makeup, dirt and debris are removed from the skin.

Step 2. Exfoliate! There are multiple options here depending upon skin type and condition. The most general way to exfoliate during a facial is with an enzyme mask and a light steam (10-15min), after which extractions and cleaning of the nose and chin will be preformed. Other exfoliation options could be a light peel, dermaplane or microderm. 

Step 3. Hydrate and repair. Now’s the time to calm the skin and hydrate it.  A custom blend of serums will be applied to the skin with a hydrating, cooling or revitalizing mask to help push those serums down into the skin. This will sit for 10-15 mins while you enjoy an upper chest, neck & shoulder, arm and hand massage.

Step 4. Finishing product.  We’ll apply a serum, eye cream, lip balm, moisturizer and sunblock to protect that newly exfoliated face. We’ll send you off looking and feeling your best.

What types of facials do you offer?  What’s the difference?

At Grand, we offer three different facials to accommodate different schedules, budgets, conditions and concerns, and customizable in order to dial in for individual needs, skin types and concerns.

The Grand Facial  199

Revitalize and protect your skin from the effects of environmental and hereditary issues with our 90 minute Grand Facial.  We’ll begin with a deep cleanse and exfoliation to remove debris and dead skin cells followed by an infusion of serums to plump, brighten, and nourish the skin with antioxidants. We’ll finish with a soothing and hydrating mask catered to your skin type for maximum absorption of serums. Your skin will feel smooth, hydrated and revitalized.

Customized Facial  129 

Return your skin to its natural state of wellness with our 50 minute Customized Facial. This treatment caters specifically to your skin type and skin concerns with active, biogenic ingredients.  All customized facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, treatment masks and massage.

The Fix Treatments  99

When you need a quick fix. During our 40-minute, fully-customized and targeted Fix Treatments, we use modalities such as dermaplane, microdermabrasion, low level chemical peels, enzyme masks and more.

Fix: Hydrate
Rescue dry, dehydrated skin with this fix. The Hydrate is a focused treatment designed to leave your skin looking smooth, plump, hydrated, and glowing. Mild exfoliation is the first priority to open pores and remove dead skin on the surface in preparation for a targeted and customized hydrating treatment. This is also the perfect special event treatment to get your skin red carpet ready.

Fix: Exfoliate 
This treatment is customized to your skin’s needs, from start to finish. The Exfoliate focuses on two primary methods of exfoliation: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation will manually and gently remove the surface dead skin cells, while the chemical exfoliation uses the power of enzymes and specialized active ingredients to treat the skin from the inside out. The skin is left glowing, soft and smooth with zero downtime afterwards!

Fix: Treat 
All skin has its glowing moments and its not so great days! The Treat has got you covered. No matter the issue or concern, our medical aesthetic pros will curate this treatment to hone in on the cause and identify the perfect treatment to correct your concern. Some of the specific issues we can address in this treatment are: acne breakouts, manual extraction of clogged pores, rosacea redness and uneven complexion, to name just a few. With laser focus, your fully customized treatment will leave your skin concerns a thing of the past.

Can I Bring a Friend?

Of course you can!  Come alone, bring a friend, bring your mom, or bring a party!  At Grand we have three separate treatment rooms but can accommodate you and a loved one or a group of friends at the same time! 

What are your preferred skincare products?

Some of our favorite products from Boulder’s-own Sanitas Skincare

At Grand’s MedSpa, we use Sanitas products in all of our facials. Sanitas Skincare is a pharmaceutical line using clinical dosages to get you your best results. Sanitas is formulated and manufactured out of Boulder, Colorado. Their products do not contain harsh preservatives and are cruelty, paraben, phthalate, dye and gluten free. Plus, Sanitas is eco friendly. 

Schedule a Free Consultation!

If a facial sounds like something you’re interested in, remember that our consultations are always complimentary. 

For more information about facials, other services at Grand’s MedSpa or to schedule a free skin care consultation, contact our front desk: (303) 572-1435 |


Stacey Lohmar, Esthetician

Educated at the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, Stacey has a wealth of knowledge on all things skin and how to improve it. Originally from Illinois, she relocated to Denver in 2012 and has pioneered our skincare program at Grand’s MedSpa.

Stacey loves continuing her education on the latest techniques and products, and was recently featured in 5280 Magazine’s feature “19 Spa Experiences to Help You Relax this Winter.”  Follow @skinbystacey