Artist Interview with Sandra Lofts

“During my travels, I have always been influenced by the differences in the light and mood of my surroundings. My paintings reflect my sensory memories by creating imagined spaces – giving an abstract study of these ‘scapes’ as defined by color and texture.“ – Sandra Lofts

Grand’s current artist Sandra Lofts is a native of New York. She attended NYU in the early ‘60s and then moved from New York to Mexico. She returned to the US but left again to travel through Israel, Cyprus and Greece until she moved to and settled in London in 1969.

Sandra opened her first art studio in London, and successfully showed and sold her abstract land, sea, and air “Scapes”.

She now lives in Denver where she continues to paint, show and sell her art from her Studio at 1662 Lafayette Street.

Sandra’s work can be visited virtually at or in real life at Grand through our autumn months.