A Simple Zoom Meeting Updo

Searching for a simple updo for your next Zoom meeting? We've got you covered with a step by step walk-through in Grand's Blog.
Valentine's Day Updo

A Simple Zoom Meeting Updo

by Ashley Metayer & Brittany Wyatt

If you’re searching for a simple updo for your next Zoom meeting, Grand has you covered with this step by step walkthrough. 

All you need is a curling iron, your favorite headband and great products – one of our favorite lines at Grand Salon is Kevin.Murphy.

This simple Zoom meeting updo is super cute, easy to put together and works great for most hair lengths. Just curl your hair and tuck it all into a headband. The perfect casual or semi-formal style!

Firstly – prepping your hair is a huge help when doing any curls or heat styling to your hair. Protecting your hair is such an important step and one we often overlook or skip. Add it to your routine and your hair will thank you!

After washing your hair, put in some Kevin Murphy Heated.Defense on your towel-dried hair, roots to ends. This is a leave-in heat protectant that will reduce the damage done to your hair when heat styling and also helps smooth and detangle hair. 

Next, blow dry. *Always make sure your hair is 100% dry when adding any curls.

1. Start by curling your hair away from your face on both sides.

As you’re curling, separate your hair into workable sections and let curls completely cool before finger combing them out.

As you finish a section, spray Session.Spray Flex by Kevin Murphy to help hold the style and seal in your curl. This is a flexible hairspray that doesn’t get sticky or stiff and helps beat humidity as well!

2. Choose a favorite headband and put it on like a crown.

We chose Grand-Red for this simple Zoom meeting updo!

Take note as to where you would like more volume or texture and apply KM’s Powder.Puff  to those areas, rubbing it in with your fingers. This will add weightless powder that will help boost any flat pieces in your hair. Take the pieces of hair near your face and wrap them into the headband.

3. Wrap another piece of hair into the headband on both sides.

4. Continue wrapping another piece on each side.

5. You should be left with one piece of hair. Tuck the last piece into the headband to completely cover the headband in the back.

6. Pull out small fringe pieces from your style on your bottom hairline (or wherever you like them to fall) and finish off with an all over spray of Session.Spray Flex.


That’s it!  A super cute and simple Zoom meeting updo!


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Ashley Metayer

Ashley Metayer| Associate Stylist | Specialties – balayage, highlights, color

Ashley grew up in Alaska and moved to Colorado in 2016 to chase a long time dream of becoming a hairstylist. She takes pride in providing styles that are unique to each guest. In her personal life, Ashley’s hobbies include snowboarding, binge watching her favorite shows and playing with her dog, Coco.


Brittany Wyatt| Guest Relations  | Specialties – creating unparalleled guest experiences

With nearly 10 years in the hair industry, Brittney brings a special set of skills and experience to her Guest Relations role at Grand. Today her career goals are centered on the business-side of Salon & Spa, but her work behind the chair drives a mindset that demands the highest level of customer service.

During her personal time, Brittany enjoys a good book, a good road trip and a good time at the dog park with her husband & her pup Harper.