From LoDo to LoHi

Shelly Rewinkle talks about moving Grand Salon

The idea to move Gränd Salon actually hatched several years ago.

My husband had answered a Craigslist ad for old sidewalk flagstone, which took him into the bowels of the yet-to-be redeveloped RiNo neighborhood. The man selling the stone had an amazing residence and a huge property zoned for commercial use – he mentioned that it was for sale.  Jay called me immediately, “Get over here now! We need to buy this place and move the salon!”

The building and property were grand. A big corner lot, lots of light, an up and coming area and space for our own parking lot! The neighborhood was a little gritty but we couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunities (room to grow! parking! outdoor space! parking!)

We emptied our piggy bank (which didn’t get us very far), begged my parents to jump in on the investment and then somehow convinced a bank to fund the rest of the project. When the owners pulled the property off the market, I was devastated. But looking back, that random side-trip into RiNo was inspiring. It drove home the realizations that parking in LoDo was getting worse, not better, that we had really outgrown our current location and that we owed it to our clients and ourselves to make a move. I was determined.

What I couldn’t have imagined was that our search for the perfect property would take nearly two more years. Our realtors Jamie and Brian Harris of Kentwood City stuck patiently and loyally by us as we toured what seemed like every available commercial property in town. From the grow-house by Mile High/Invesco Stadium (a fantastically interesting operation!) to the crumbling office building on Brighton Blvd (scaarrrry!), to the empty lots in sketchy places, and to another beautiful old building in RiNo that got away – just to name a few.

But “everything happens for a reason,” and “good things come to those who wait.” Finally we stumbled upon a 1960’s blonde brick plant warehouse at 35th & Kalamath in LoHi – an amazing 3700 square foot blank canvas for us to design our dream.

Grand Salon of Denver Colorado new location

The development of this dream was truly a collaborative effort. Throughout the many months of this project’s build out, every employee of Gränd was involved in creating our new space.  In our off hours we brainstormed, between appointments we worked and reworked the floor plan, during lunch we’d sample and choose finishes, or we’d skip lunch to choose paint colors and trade endless emails laying out every inspiration to not only develop the perfect work space but a space that our guests would love to visit.

It may not have the babbling brook, the orchard or the urban garden that we first imagined for our dream space, but what 3501 Kalamath does have are 21 skylights, a parking lot, garage doors that roll back and let in our warm Colorado sunshine – and all right on the edge of downtown. And did I mention that we’re still staffed with the most amazing and most talented people in town?

We’re looking forward to seeing you in January