America’s Beauty Show


For 90 years, America’s Beauty Show® (ABS) has been the event tens of thousands of salon professionals look forward to for the latest education and exhibits of the newest fashions, products and business techniques that make salons successful. Our stylist, Rebecca Jarboe, took a trip To Chicago this spring to see the show for herself and came back to work feeling inspired and excited about the trends happening in our industry.


“I am feeling very inspired after attending the American Beauty Show in Chicago this month. I fell in love with the looks that TIGI presented using lots of color blocking and a fresh new take on balayage color technique. Vidal Sassoon presented fresh new techniques that left me inspired and intrigued as always. I thoroughly enjoyed the barbering and men’s haircutting trends demonstration from Wahl and can’t wait to share my inspiration and passion for my craft with my friends and clients. “

–Rebecca Jarboe

Wedding Hair Trends

Wedding Hair Trends 2013

One thing we love about our industry is its ever-evolving nature. Reading trade and fashion magazines, blogs and web sites to keep current is part of our daily lives at Gränd. After finding an article in one of our favorite magazines, we fell in love with the glamour and elegance forecasted to be the trends of 2013 Wedding hairstyles and have so many of our clients beginning to plan their weddings.

Marek Hartwig is an Artistic Director at Frank Gironda Salon & Day Spa in Wheaton, IL and was featured on an industry web-site we frequently read.

“In Hartwig’s 2013 Bridal Trends collection, styles and shapes are updated with modern textures. According to Hartwig, texture can be achieved through many different facets, a rough blow-out, sets, curl iron or even air-drying to infuse the brides natural texture into her look.


Hartwig says these two bridal looks are the perfect bridge for late Winter into early Spring… ‘the forgotten season.’ “Winter has a strong feeling of structure with a sense of whimsy while Spring breathes light and airy,” says Hartwig. In this collection the two seasons are synced by incorporating the feelings of each season into two complete looks.”

We would love to be a part of your wedding day, beautiful hair is a non-negotiable on the big day! Our stylists always provide a complimentary bridal consultation and we are available to come to your hotel or wedding venue to provide on-site bridal hair.

Nerd alert!

My newfound love of Bb Styling Crème…

Believe it or not I have been not using Styling Crème correctly for some time… I am stoked to have found its place in my work day.

I would say I am a trial and error type of person, a hands on learner. Especially when it comes to hair care products. This one says thickening… That one says thickening… Which one feels better? Which one last longer? Which one is easier to use? Or works well with a blow-dry? All questions that my inquisitive mind asks when looking at a wall of products deciding what to use on my hair or on a client.

And then my mind dives into the more scientific side of hair and hairdressing and I consider the PH, density, porosity, elasticity, diameter, and other factors and I have to slow myself down.

The Bb Styling Creme the bottle tells me:

Love it for its versatility and simple strength – slick back, add body, lift roots or define curl. The more you use, the more it holds – wet or dry.

Key ingredients:

  • Amodimethicone: comb abililty, sheen; improves curl retention
  • Benzophenone-4: UV protection
  • Cetrimonium Chloride: static reduction
  • Glycerin: softening, moisture retention
  • PVP/VA Copolymer: body, fullness.

Bb. tells me to use it on anyone, after the hair’s PH has been balanced (using Bb. Prep or Tonic) and apply to damp hair, use it with heat (like a mousse) to create manageable volume, or without (like a gel) for control.

How have I been mis-using this little wonder? I would squirt a big blob in my palm and work it roots to mid shaft of my hair across the top of the head. Seems like the right thing to do for a “volumizing product with great hold…” My next step is to use it on as many people and hair types as I could.

My findings…blow-drying would be more labor intensive. My hair would feel sticky, and look ‘clumpy’ even. I even had a client comment that it felt like Elmer’s glue in her hair… NOT okay with me. I tried using less product and focusing on the ends for hold. Still not my favorite, not quite impressing me. I couldn’t seem to find the magical head of hair that this product so many people love was meant for.

My conclusion was that I didn’t like the product, there are plenty others to play with I figured (not that I was using it wrong). This summer, we had a Bb educator in the salon to teach a cutting class and he busted out the Styling Crème when he was finishing cutting the models hair and I couldn’t wait to learn more from him!

He used a nickel size amount of product and applied it at the root and on the crown of the models hair He explained that Styling Crème is heat activated and expands with heat. So less is more……Hmmmm I think.

Ah ha! Expands with heat! A new reason to try, a new out look…

So I have learned that Bb Styling Crème is ideal for some one with medium to fine textured hair, medium to fine density, with an even PH and low porosity when using heat to style their hair and it has a UV filter so it’s great for protecting colored hair.

Now that I have a new found love of Bb Styling Crème or should I say, now that I know how to use it, don’t be surprised if I use it on you next time you’re in! You will love it. Guaranteed.

My work here is never done.

Until next time,

apeDawg signing out.