Current Artist: Soren McCarty

Soren McCarty is a Colorado Native and has worked as a professional photographer since 1994. His work has been published in Various publications including: Rollingstone, Playboy, Time, SPIN, New York Times, Denver Post, Westword, Sports Illustrated and many others. His work can also been seen on the walls of the Fox Theatre in Boulder, The Fillmore Auditorium and Red Rocks. These collections on photos were all taken at Red Rocks over the past 10 years. Soren is an easy going person and enjoys spending time Skiing, biking and hiking throughout the state, he loves all types of music and would be more that happy to talk for hours about great new bands and relive the memories of great concerts that have come through the area.


Current Artist: Jeff Curry

Very excited for my second showing at Gränd. What a fantastic new space! Congratulations to Shelly and Jay. I’m terribly jealous.

I’ve been told it’s difficult to connect my various bodies of work—From gritty, hyper-real portraits of humanity and artifacts, to beautiful nudes dressed in candy. The work being featured in this show barely even resembles photography.

Why did we stop smelling the roses? Is our world so full of roses that we can no longer savor them? Maybe it’s that we’ve just stopped stopping.

Photography captures a moment in time. The painterly, Impressionism-inspired images of the Zoom collection attempt to defy that convention. They linger and soften like partially formed memories. Perpetually moving, the beauty and lightness of nature are depicted through the lens of a short attention span.

Jeff Curry photographer denver, co

A native of Chicago, Jeff Curry is Creative Director at SRG, an internationally recognized agency in Boulder, Colorado. His work spans a variety of industries and media, and has garnered numerous awards over the past 20 years. Partnering with some of the nation’s top commercial artists and photographers, photography has always been at the center of his profession and is his personal passion.

Jeff’s fine art imagery has been exhibited in NYC, at Jadite Gallery and Gallery H, and in Denver at Space Gallery and Sync Gallery. Select work has received recognition in the following prestigious contests and publications: Photography Masters Cup International Awards, The London International Creative Awards, Communication Arts Photography Annual, International Spider Awards, and The Art Directors Club Photography Awards.

Jeff Curry Photographer of Denver, Colorado

Jeff’s work demonstrates a broad range of subject matter and style—Self defined as sexy-flirtatious-dirty-spooky-and-beautifully-odd. His photography first gained international attention with Eyecandy, a provocative series combining classic American candy products with sophisticated nude portraiture. Playful, sexy and suggestive, the collection explores a range of intimate scenarios, from innocent flirtation to the more risqué notions of submission and devotion.

His most recent series is entitled Zoom. This Impressionism-inspired body of work defies the notion that photography captures a moment in time. Moreover, every attempt is made to prevent these images from resembling photographs at all. They linger and soften like partially formed memories. Perpetually moving, the beauty and lightness of nature are depicted through the lens of a short attention span. Gestural camera movements mimic brush strokes and are unique to each subject. Jeff refers to Zoom as a series of “two-second paintings.”